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Our Programs

Empower women in the african's Information Technology workforce

The world is becoming a much better place with advance in technology and the role of women can never be over emphasize in the world growth today, women played important roles in Information technolog sector, but the ratio of men compared to that of women in this sector is probabely 80-20%.

Internet for the Kids of the sun

The Kids of The Sun - the children from the ‘Foyer St Dominique’ orphanage in Yaounde, Cameroon. Statistically, talented people are born spread out equally in the world. Unfortunately, in poor regions like Cameroon, such talents are only rarely discovered. We want to change that. Internet changes the world and we know how powerful it is.

Connected classrooms

Through Connected Classrooms, students can learn how they learn best: anywhere,anytime, and on any device. Whether on or off campus, or in a flipped classroom model, students and educators have highly secure access to educational resources, using their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.

Mentoring for african's IT engineers

Sharing experiences and knowledge between IT experts abroad and local

500 Certifications in 5 years

Most Information Technology students lack opportunities to gain working experience while in school while most professionals lack training opportunities to horn their skills.