For a world with a future - Collecting IT material for training in Africa

Wildpoldsried: Vocational education for Africa – that's the idea behind the "VET4Africa" project, Vocational Education and Training 4 (for) Africa. Founded in 2018 under the patronage of German Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller. The supporters, including many vocational school teachers,  organize training courses for african teachers.

 Director of Studies Günter Mögele, responsible for IT in the school management of the "Staatliche Berufs-schule I in Kempten" organized a large-scale collection campaign together with the projects VET4Africa and IT4Africa. In Bavarian schools, many new teaching aids and computers were purchased last year as part of the digitization offensive due to Corona, and materials in need of renovation were discarded. At the same time, in many regions of Africa, education is often provided using only the simplest of means.  For more in information please visit

Empowering Future Generations: The Dawn of Digitalization Begins with Children