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10.000 computers for African High Schools and universties by 2025

This equips students with IT skills which can increase earning and career potential later in life. An individual with IT skills has the opportunity to earn three times the national average wage, and this in turn will help entire families to break free from the cycle of poverty


Women in Technology

Women play an important role in information technology, but the ratio of men to women in this sector is still around 80 to 20%. African women are becoming increasingly interested in the IT industry, which is still heavily male-dominated.

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Recovery of disabled kids

ICT enables the use of multiple means of communication – voice, text, and gestures – to access information and engage with others, and hence can help to address longstanding barriers of communication and interaction. ICT is clearly identified as an enabler in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) (hereafter the CRPD), the first human rights treaty specifically addressing the rights and needs of persons with disabilities (Lord, Samant Raja and Blanck, 2012). The CRPD which came into force in 2007, has been ratified by 152 countries as of
March 12, 2015 (UN Enable 2015).

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Coding for Kids

We believe that children as young as ten can directly benefit from opportunities to engage in computational thinking […] Children can begin by solving puzzles on paper, continue on game boards, and ultimately complete their solutions on computers. Through this process, learners can be guided through increasingly complex algorithmic thinking activities that are built from their tacit knowledge and excitement about game play.


Mentoring Programm for Startups

IT4Africa supports the SEEDS’ programs , which are shaped to develop a new generation of young leaders who make the difference in their environments. The programs are covering TRAINING, THINK-TANK, NETWORKING, and MENTORING. They intend especially to facilitate the knowledge sharing between experts abroad and local entrepreneurs and leaders

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