IT4Africa Appointed to Implement WorldSkills in Cameroon

In a significant development towards promoting skills development and vocational training in Cameroon, the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training has officially appointed IT4Africa e.V. to implement WorldSkills in the country. This strategic partnership aims to foster excellence in vocational education and empower the nation's youth with valuable skills to achieve economic growth and prosperity. The decision comes as a result of Cameroon's commitment to advancing its education system and aligning it with international standards. WorldSkills, a global organization known for fostering skills excellence and recognition, has been collaborating with the African Union to improve access to skills development across the continent. The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, under the leadership of Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, has recognized the importance of vocational training in driving meaningful development and improving employment opportunities. Inspired by successful vocational training models from partner countries like South Korea, Cameroon aims to enhance its human resources and offer job-relevant training program. With the official appointment of IT4Africa e.V., Cameroon takes a crucial step forward in its mission to provide equitable access to quality education and vocational training, thus preparing its youth for a brighter future and contributing to the economic growth of the nation.

Evariste Happi

IT4Africa e.V


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