IT4AFRICA creates Cisco Network Academy at JFN Institut of Technology in Douala

We are thrilled to announce that IT4Africa has taken a momentous step in advancing technology education and skills development in Cameroon. Today, on July 22, 2023, IT4Africa proudly inaugurates the Cisco Network Academy at the prestigious JFN Institute of Technology in Douala.

The creation of this academy marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to empower the youth with valuable skills and knowledge in the field of networking and information technology. By partnering with Cisco, a renowned global technology leader, we aim to bring world-class training and certifications to the aspiring tech enthusiasts of Cameroon.

The JFN Institute of Technology in Douala has been selected as the ideal venue for this endeavor due to its commitment to excellence in education and its vision to nurture future tech leaders. Together, we aim to provide a conducive learning environment where students can gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in networking technologies.

Cisco Network Academy at JFN Institute of Technology will offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of networking topics, including network fundamentals, routing and switching, cybersecurity, and more. Students will have access to cutting-edge resources, online learning materials, and certified instructors to guide them on their learning journey.

This initiative aligns perfectly with IT4Africa's mission to bridge the digital skills gap in Africa and promote economic growth through technology education. By equipping students with Cisco-certified skills, we are empowering them to become industry-ready professionals and contributing to the overall advancement of Cameroon's technology sector.

As we embrace the future of technology, we are confident that this collaboration will not only create skilled professionals but also open up exciting opportunities for them in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements on enrollment and course offerings at the Cisco Network Academy at JFN Institute of Technology. Together, let's shape the future of technology education in Cameroon.

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